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As business owners, we understand the passion that business ownership is built on as well as the challenges and struggles that it entails. Managing back-office accounting work can be one of the most complex and time-consuming challenges a business owner can face. That’s where we come in. We strive to lighten your workload so you can direct further attention and energy towards your business’ goals, using our expertise and experience to make it as time-and-cost-efficient as possible.

Peer-reviewed, industry-experienced, and committed to customer care, we’re here to offer our comprehensive knowledge on accounting and business. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to uphold the culture of care we built our company on and improve ourselves at every opportunity. We’ve made it our mission to not only uphold the values we built our company on, but to share it with our clients. We’re not just CPAs-We’re entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs.

We at Patterson & Company CPAs, PLLC, will serve as your year-round accounting firm and advisory partner, going beyond traditional tax, accounting, and payroll services. All of your back-office tasks will be managed by us via our advanced online platform, BOSS, wherein we can prepare payroll, take care of tax planning, and much more.

In addition to that, we will stay consistently focused on identifying opportunities to improve revenue and secure long-term business successes. Whether you’ll need us daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly, we’ll be on hand to offer our authoritative, industry-tested advice.

Our expertise in small business ownership and hospitality, healthcare, and service-based industries will be applied to suit each client’s specific needs. Whether your main struggles are with  entity selection, accounting structures or tip reporting, we have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction.

Our team of accounting specialists and industry professionals will use their depth of knowledge and practical experience to help you reach your unique goals and avoid any preventable pitfalls. We take it upon ourselves to follow industry trends closely, and are well-versed in the verities of business and entrepreneurship.

When you choose Patterson and Company CPA, you’ll have an expert peer dedicated to preventing you from getting bogged down by day-to-day financial management, a fellow entrepreneur ready to offer you solutions to ensure that your business will grow. We’re here to offer you accounting and advisory services that will allow to pursue your professional and personal goals. When you partner with us, you get more than expert-level accounting; you get a partner that has your back.


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BOSS is the answer to your back office headaches. Our cloud-based solution enables you to hand complex accounting tasks over to us. We work the numbers while providing you 24/7 access to your data.

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Our Specialties

  • Restaurants & Hotels

    Operating a successful restaurant or hotel can be overwhelming. We understand the challenges business owner face within the industry as well as the complexity of tax...
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  • Entrepreneurs

    For many entrepreneurs who start their own business, it often becomes clear that managing their company’s finances and taxes can be a full-time endeavor—not to...
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  • Healthcare Service Providers

    We are committed to helping professional service providers build successful enterprises. Our team of financial experts offers years of experience providing accounting...
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